Other Spine (Flags, record or other) information exists indicator in PDS API

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An addition to the PDS API that indicates if (spine) flags (or other spine information) exists for the current patient. This would allow an organisation to know if they should consider interrogating the further information. The information could be defined as administrative (OVM- Overseas Visitors and Migrants or similar) or clinical in nature (reasonable adjustment flag, CPIS or FGM). The nature of the information does not need to be identified beyond further information(admin or clerical). A sequence number or hash or similar could let the organisation know if the information had changed since they last looked. Adding this nugget to PDS may encourage PDS compliant organisations to integrate with the other Spine APIs.

Under consideration api pds-fhir-api reasonable-adjustment-flag Suggested by: Steve Robinson Upvoted: 26 Jan, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4