Allow PDS Updates in Application-Restricted mode

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For a GP system, being able to send PDS Updates in Application-Restricted mode would allow these use cases to be handled nicely:
1. The update of patient demographic details (e.g. mobile number) when a doctor goes on a home visit, and is out of 3G reception or using a device that doesn't easily support CIS2 authentication
2. The update of personal details by temporary staff (e.g. on GP Practice reception) who do not have NHS CIS user accounts/smartcards

The local GP System would still keep a full audit log of who made the changes to the patient record (to satisfy IG requirements), it just means that these changes to the Patient Record would not risk being queued up and never sent to the PDS.

Under consideration api pds-fhir-api Suggested by: Emile Axelrad from Medicus Upvoted: 15 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0