PDS to proactively tell a GP System when a Patient record is updated

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In order to keep the local record up to date in the Synchronisation process, GP Systems have to regularly poll the PDS for "new versions" of their registered patient's demographic records.

An alternative pattern would be that the GP System "subscribes" for updates to their registered Patients X, Y & Z on the PDS. We then don't poll the PDS all the time, and instead we wait for the PDS to tell us that the PDS Record for Patient X has been updated (and then that triggers us to immediately synchronise).

This could be in the form of a webhook POST... or a MESH message... or any other easy to implement way to receive messages from PDS.

Two Benefits:
1. Far fewer "useless" API calls to the PDS when normally nothing has changed.
2. GP System local record kept up to date & in sync almost immediately that something changed on the PDS record

Done api pds-fhir-api Suggested by: Emile Axelrad from Medicus Upvoted: 10 May, '22 Comments: 6

Comments: 6