NHS App - include EPS Medications (EPS FHIR RESTful API)

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The NHS Digital EPS Service acts as a prescription tracker and has real time information on both prescriptions and fulfilment of these prescription orders (dispensing). Suggestion is to expose that information to patients via NHS App.

This API could also be used to generate an electronic token for prescriptions within the NHS App.
This API can also be used by prescribers and dispensers to track prescriptions.
This API could also be used in medication reconciliation process in secondary care.

This suggestion is related to https://nhs-digital-api-management.featureupvote.com/suggestions/107510/electronic-prescription-service-eps-fhir-api-dispensing
which covers the business interactions between a dispenser and EPS -The Task.
This suggestion adds MedicationRequest and MedicationDispense query API's, which exposes the information being passed in the message events in EPS.

Under consideration api nhs-app-api Suggested by: Kevin Mayfield Upvoted: 12 Jun Comments: 1

Comments: 1