PDS FHIR API - current data only / business effective dates

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A number of data fields in the PDS FHIR API include a "period" during which the data is effective (in HL7 V3 these were referred to as "business effective dates"). This applies to names, addresses, contact details, emergency contact people, related people and registered GP practice. The period can be current, past or even future.

The PDS SMSP API included logic to only include current data (i.e. effective as of today's date).

It would be useful to add an optional flag to the search & retrieve endpoints to only include current data (i.e. filter out data where the effective period does not include today's date).

In particular, this would make it easier for developers migrating from PDS SMSP to PDS FHIR.

Under consideration api pds-fhir-api Suggested by: Tony Heap Upvoted: 20 Dec, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0