Make EPS FHIR API onboarding easier - Dispensing POC

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EPS is sometimes described as one of our most difficult APIs to onboard. It has been suggested that we could test if it can be made easier via the Digital Onboarding process.

We could help manage version control issues that have arisen; provide a single pane of glass view of progress; allow multiple parties to collaborate on the journey - all pain points a number of users have told us just get in the way of a complex process, and something our new digital onboarding tools could immediately help with.

We should try and also simplify onboarding, but this is possibly a different suggestion in need of its own votes.

The Dispensing API has a reasonably large share of "the market", so could be a proof of concept?

In progress eps-fhir-api make-onboarding-easier Suggested by: Alex Lord Upvoted: 25 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0