Make the Spine Secure Proxy (SSP) 'Internet Facing'

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This is a suggestion to make the Spine Secure Proxy accessible over the internet.

As per the referenced page, this API is only accessible over HSCN. It describes a plan to enable access via public internet at "a later phase of the GP Connect programme"

The lack of this feature introduces an unnecessary technical challenge for suppliers wanting to integrate GP Connect capabilities that rely on RESTful APIs, as all requests must be proxied.

Suppliers that have developed solutions that adopt the NHSE architecture principles - which promotes an internet first policy - are unable to progress dependant onboarding activities unless their undertake a project to establish a HSCN connection. The cost of this dependency is significantly disproportionate to the actual use and does not encourage a more competitive solution landscape.

Under consideration Suggested by: Herjit Sehgal Upvoted: 04 Feb Comments: 1

Comments: 1